The first collaborative platform for professional accounting firms and businesses

Adaral helps you grow your business by automating the flow of invoices with customers, teams, or departments, and promoting collaboration.

Plataforma colaborativa para digitalización de tickets y facturas

Why use Adaral?

Save time

With Adaral, you will save up to 60% of your time with automation.

Avoid mistakes

By automating the flow of invoices with departments or customers, you eliminate manual work, and therefore errors. What peace of mind!

Grow your business

With Adaral, you will improve efficiency and management capacity so you can increase revenues or enjoy your free time. Your choice.

High reliability

Adaral extracts data from invoices and expense receipts with more than 95% accuracy.

Integration with a3Innuva

If you use a3Innuva | Contabilidad at your Accounting Firm or Company, you will have all of your customer or departmental data synchronized in real-time. Ultra-fast processing. 


Adaral facilitates regulatory compliance as Spanish Tax Agency-approved software. All documents digitized. 100% legal validity.


“If you want to improve your productivity in an administrative process, Adaral is the ideal tool. Using Adaral I have gone from taking 13 hours to 5 hours to sort invoices and extract data for accounting, a time savings of 60%.”

Jorge Ramírez Heredia
Jr Business Consulting & Administration, SL

“Adaral is bringing us a lot of agility in managing our customers and we are improving our productivity.”

Jaime Gismero Moranchel
Aloy Global Solutions, SL

“Adaral translates all my invoices very reliably, and thanks to this, it allows me to save a lot of time in daily management with my clients; moreover, it allows me to post invoices faster and synchronize in real time with a3innuva | Contabilidad.”

Marcos Leris
Bufet Macia, SCP

“What has surprised me most about Adaral is that it has been able to perfectly identify what we accountants need in three precise phases (capture, extract and review) to automate the posting process.”

Celedonio Martínez
Cyge Asesores Asociados

“Adaral is a tool with a very high reliability in the translation of invoices. What’s more, the synchronization with a3innuva | Contabilidad when posting invoices is immediate. Adaral’s customer service is very fast and agile.”

Xabier López
Lualin Servicios Empresariales

“At La Nube Fiscal we have managed to save a lot of time thanks to Adaral. The automatic posting of repetitive invoices is totally reliable and now we are more relaxed knowing that we are eliminating potential errors when posting. In addition, the good synchronization with Dropbox and Drive makes sending information automatic. A highly recommended tool if you want to save time, reduce errors and focus on providing value to customers.”

José Manuel Gómez
La Nube Fiscal

“I think Adaral is a very good tool when it comes to translating invoices and recording them; moreover, thanks to its application, our clients can collaborate with us much faster.”

José Ramos
Vosel Technologies

“Adaral works for me: while I’m waiting for Adaral to extract the invoice data for me, I can focus on other tasks. I can now review invoices for two customers in the time I used to review invoices for one.”

Alejandro Martínez
Manuel Mateos Cordoba Asesores, SL

For Accountants

Streamline your Accounting Firm with precision

Adaral is the first collaborative platform for SMEs and accountants that enables teamwork by facilitating the daily flow of information in compliance with the Spanish Tax Agency.

Agiliza el tiempo de gestión de facturas en tu asesoría con Adaral
Agilizar tiempo de gestión de facturas con la plataforma colaborativa Adaral para empresas

For businesses

Smoother management in all areas

It is designed to support collaboration between the administration department and the rest of the company, and it improves the flow of invoices.


Greater accuracy,
greater peace of mind

With an automated workflow, you will increase the speed, effectiveness and efficiency of your business.

Mayor precisión y agilidad con Adaral, la plataforma colaborativa entre clientes y despachos profesionales

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